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If you are looking for UUQ Tactical Illuminated Holographic Warranty browse our review to obtain the correct products you wish. UUQ 4 16×50 AO Rifle Scope Red Green Illuminated Range Finder Reticle W Green Laser Holographic Reflex Red Dot Sight 5 Brightness Modes Flashlight is the best choice for you.

UUQ Tactical Illuminated Holographic Warranty Photo UUQ Tactical Illuminated Holographic Warranty Image

Where to Buy UUQ 4 16×50 AO Rifle Scope Red Green Illuminated Range Finder Reticle W Green Laser Holographic Reflex Red Dot Sight 5 Brightness Modes Flashlight?

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Feature UUQ Tactical Illuminated Holographic Warranty

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • NEW ADD ON: 5 lighting modes LED flashlight (high/ medium/ low/ strobe/ SOS) can satisfy your hunting needs in dark environment.
  • NEW UPGRADE: Adjustable objective with parallax from 15 Yds. to infinity, providing ultra-clear and accurate vision to you. Magnified from 4X up to 16X, range finder reticle with 5 levels R&G illuminations.
  • NEW CONTROL SYSTEM: Reflex sight uses new electronic button control system for easier setup and operate. Detachable GREEN laser sight, reaching over 300M, can be switched ON/OFF via Rat Tail Remote Pad.
  • Each scope part has universal 20mm mount individually, detachable and fit standard 20mm picatinny or weaver rail.
  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Completely sealed and nitrogen filled makes it 100% fog & water proof; 1000G shockproof test before release.

Part NumberFalse
DimensionsAfter 150 rounds scope is still surprisingly accurate at 200 yards…. Red dot didn’t move as well I was surprised. Flashlight is really bright and laser is dead on! Definitely puts some weight on an AR-15 but that’s to be expected. Obviously if you’re going to use an AR for 20 zombies coming at you on your property then none of this is needed for close range, way too heavy. Flip ups or a red dot is plenty and light weight. But having everything in one package is kind of cool I would definitely buy this again!
Model NumberI have mounted this scope to an M and P 15-22. I have put about a 1000 rounds through it and so far I still cannot believe i got this for under $200. I first sighted in the 4x16x50 which was pretty straight forward. It sighted in just fine. I next sighted in the red dot which I have never had one nor would I if but my son thought it looked cool. Anyway this was ridiculously easy. I had someone look through the scope and tell me when the red dot was centered on the cross hairs. That simple and it is dead on.The holographic sight was very simple. The adjustments were easy and that was sighted in very quickly. None of the lighted options (scope sights, red dot, holographic) are useful in the bright sun light. It must be cloudy or at sunset. I would highly recommend this scope.
ColorI was looking for a budget and reliable rifle scope and I found this one and purchased for it. Honestly, I was not expecting a high quality product because of the price range. But it was amazed me with its high grade material and light weight design. I dont know what material they used but you can feel the quality even when you hold it. it is light weight in addition to that. optics quality is also good and magnification is more than enough for me. Beside that it has flash light and laser -sight that can help you for easy aim. The flash light is bright enough if there is no enough light when you hunt. The laser-sight is perfect for easy targeting. Overall, I like it and I really amazed how people can make quality product at such price. Deserve 5 stars.
MaterialI purchased this High Quality Scope for my “Barnett Whitetail II” crossbow, I added a Red Dot laser spotting sight (the green one that came w/ the unit is a good spotting sight, but poorly mounted-I added some washers to “tighten & center” the light- it was made for a thinner picatinny rail & had a lot of movement due to “mismatched” rail assembly guides, it has no effect on the scope) I’ll use the red dot for 60 yards, the green for 30 yards. I removed the Halogen top mounted sight and replaced it with a High Quality Laser Range and Speed Finder (This will improve the scope for sighting use for crossbow hunting with the lighted scope line distance system). I had returned a previous scope with other “bells & whistles” due to poorly machined holes in the aluminum base for the pressed in steel studs that tighten the scope to the picatinny rail, causing a crack in the housing- I received a full refund, but I already ordered this model. I have a good friend who has a much higher priced scope (differant manufacturer) who says this scope is far superior to his “High Dollar” model- I haven’t had a chance to go hunting with this set up yet, but I’m certain it will outperform the scope I replaced- High Quality Materials, Top Quality Craftsmanship (once I received this model , the previous scope w/ poorly machine work could have happened in any manufacturing/assembly line) I highly Recommend this low cost, High Quality Scope- I’m an avid hunter and know quality from my 50 years of hunting in 6 states
Power SourceBattery socket for the holographic sight does not work, as in the holographic sight does not turn on despite the battery being put in. We tried everything to get it to work — different batteries, rotating, etc. Then, the alan wrench socket where you take the battery cover out stripped irreparably. There’s a reason you get so much for $129.99 — because it’s all cheap crap. We are returning for full refund. Spend the money and get a trijicon or bushnell or something.

UUQ Tactical Illuminated Holographic Warranty Photo UUQ Tactical Illuminated Holographic Warranty Image

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UUQ Tactical Illuminated Holographic Warranty Image UUQ 4 16x50 AO Rifle Scope Red Green Illuminated Range Finder Reticle W Green Laser   Holographic Reflex Red Dot Sight   5 Brightness Modes Flashlight Photo UUQ Tactical Illuminated Holographic Warranty Photo UUQ 4 16x50 AO Rifle Scope Red Green Illuminated Range Finder Reticle W Green Laser   Holographic Reflex Red Dot Sight   5 Brightness Modes Flashlight Image

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